Alternative Education in Nature

Learning in Nature.

Our essence is freedom, our environment is nature, and the gift of childhood is motor and cognitive curiosity.

Learning in harmony with what we are—free and diverse beings, living beings who feel and think.

In the classroom, nature lives. Where you can see the sky, touch the earth, smell the flowers, feel, move freely, investigate the environment, and observe the real context.

This classroom nurtures the needs of a human being, feeds curiosity, stimulates the senses, and allows feelings, connection with the diversity of each person.

It is an inclusive classroom, where each being has its place.

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Daytime mother, little bumblebee house<h3>Nursery / Daycare</h3>

Daytime mother, little bumblebee house

Nursery / Daycare

At the Bumblebee House, infants aged 0 to 3 have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a daily environment of tranquility and respect in close proximity to nature. We hold the belief that children, both girls and boys, are whole individuals who require a secure and affectionate environment for their healthy development, fostering a connection with nature and their individual needs.

Childhood, little forest house<h3>Preschool / kindergarten</h3>

Childhood, little forest house

Preschool / kindergarten

In the Forest Cottage, children aged 3 to 6 coexist daily with trees, water, earth, insects, animals, sky, air, sun... all of these elements enable them to thrive in alignment with their true selves, within an inspiring, ever-changing, organic, and inclusive environment.

Primary, treehouse, and bird's nest<h3>Primary school / Elementary school</h3>

Primary, treehouse, and bird's nest

Primary school / Elementary school

It's a natural setting where children aged 6 to 12 learn through exploration and investigation within the natural environment. The learning approach remains experiential and practical, contributing to their daily lives and promoting holistic development within the natural setting.

Playroom<h3>Extra-curricular Activities</h3>


Extra-curricular Activities

Winter, spring, and summer playrooms are available. Our Forest School welcomes children aged 3 to 12 who wish to join our wonderful school and have the opportunity to experience nature and interact with animals.

The forest as a classroom

Creativity / Discovery / Lived Experiences / Emotional Intelligence / Free Play / Ecological Awareness / Solidarity Values / Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Skills / Comprehensive Development

Learning through direct experience in the natural environment is at the core. The forest, with its multisensory attributes, transforms into the ultimate classroom for our young learners. Its wealth of resources is virtually boundless, and these resources hold substantial educational value as they are practical, authentic, and lived experiences.

Our objectives encompass fostering holistic development for all individuals involved. Our aim is to create an environment for resilient, self-assured, independent, and creative individuals. At Hegazti Forest School, the cultivation of emotional intelligence is as paramount as honing problem-solving skills.

For the most part, individuals take the lead in directing their own learning.

The guide's role is to enhance the overall experience, offering support, tools, and knowledge.













What is the school price?

We are entirely self-financed and do not receive any public funding. As a result, we must charge a fee to cover the school's expenses. However, we understand that each family's situation is unique, and we are open to discussing rates, which may be adjusted based on individual circumstances. Additionally, opportunities for offsetting costs through community involvement or activities benefiting both the children and the school can be explored.

The prices of School is as follows:

- Full-time (25 hours/week): €250 per child.

- Reduced rate (15 hours/week): €150 per child.

- Super reduced rate (10 hours/week): €100 per child.

- Single days: €20 per day.

Depending on each family's circumstances, we are open to discussing the rates, which can potentially be offset through community work or activities benefiting the children and the school.

“”Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.””

— — Benjamin Franklin

What do they say about us?

As a parent, I've watched my child flourish at Hegazti Forest School. The school's unique approach of using nature as a classroom has ignited a passion for learning in my son. He's developed a deeper understanding and respect for the environment, which is something textbooks alone could never have provided.

Vicens Fayos

My daughter's experience at Hegazti Forest School has been transformative. The school's emphasis on experiential learning and emotional intelligence has helped her grow into a confident and self-assured individual. She has developed a strong sense of curiosity and a love for outdoor activities.

Yoryina Polanco

Hegazti Forest School is not just a school; it's a community where children learn to value nature, develop empathy, and build social skills. My child has learned the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and resilience in this enriching environment.

Inma Sánchez

Where we are located?

We are located in the Valdearas area, 1 kilometer from Viana and 9 km from Logroño.

Forest School Schedule:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 14:00 PM and working to extend it to 17:00 (with meal).

Rates for the 2024/2025 School Year:

  • Full-time (25 hours/week): €350 per child. (part/time)
  • Reduced rate (15 hours/week): €250 per child.
  • Super reduced rate (10 hours/week): €150 per child.
  • Single days: €20 per day.

Winter, Spring, or Summer Toy Library Schedule:
From 9:00 AM 14:00 and working to extend it to 17:00 PM (with meal).

Contact with us

Carretera de Aras nº 6, 31230, Navarra Educational Contact: 697 24 57 75 (Naroa) / Collaboration Opportunities: 635 57 53 61 (Vicens) info@hegaztiescuelabosque.org

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