Discover our day-to-day at the school

Hegazti Forest School has four spaces differentiated by age and therefore four different dynamics in terms of day-to-day experience.

Bumblebee House
Bumblebee House

A Day in the Bumblebee House (0 to 3 years)

The Bumblebee House is a warm, calm, respectful, caring, trustworthy, and safe space.

The bumblebees arrive, and the first space is for welcoming, contact, and connection with each person.

The next moment is free movement through the interior space or, if appropriate, the outdoor space, where we focus on following their rhythms and facilitating spontaneous movement as well as accompanying them in the exploration of materials.

The last space is for reading, storytelling, and relaxation to close the morning.

Forest House
Forest House

A Day in the Forest House (3 to 6 years)

The Forest House in the day-to-day is a comfortable space.

At the start of the day is our meeting space, where everyone can have their welcome and our time to share our feelings and organize our day.

We prepare what is needed and head out on our Learning Path, with our magnifying glasses, baskets, ropes, or whatever we need today...

When we arrive at our chosen place for the day, we have lunch in our cabins, play what we imagine, set our rules, have fun, sometimes things happen and we also fix them.

Here in this forest space, we do our activity of the day sometimes we collect, investigate, build, sometimes discover...

We return to the School full of energy, sun, rain, mud, sometimes sticks, pine cones, leaves, feathers, or whatever we have found...

We have in the Yurt our art materials, everyone chooses what to do...

And our morning closes with our storytelling space that we create together or sometimes each one tells their own story of the day...

Fridays are a special day at the school we do chores, take care of the animals that live with us, collect eggs, plants, care for and work in the garden, make soap, clean the space, sometimes we go out with baskets to collect trash from the forest or walk with the mares.

Tree House
Tree House

A Day in the Tree House (6 to 9 years)

In the Treehouse, we learn many things.

At the beginning of the day, we meet, share how we've arrived, and discuss what we are going to do today. We make decisions and agreements.

We do concentration activities inside the school, each day it's different. Sometimes we do them together, and other times each one has a different activity.

We go outside to play in nature and to have our lunch.

We take our explorer's backpacks and walk to the location of the day, along the way we find many curious things that interest us and generate questions…

When we return, we have our space for reading, art, or crafts…

And finally, we gather to share how the day went, what things interested us, how we might answer the questions we have, resolve doubts, and agree on what task each one will take on to resolve these questions.

In school on Mondays and Fridays, we do tasks, take care of the animals living with us, collect eggs, plants, tend and work in the garden, make soap, clean the space, sometimes go out with baskets to collect garbage from the forest or walk with the mares. And we also coincide with other classmates from the school.

Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest

A Day in the Bird's Nest (9 to 12 years)

The Bird's Nest is a place where we prepare to fly.

Upon arrival, we greet each other, meet, and share feelings, interests, dreams, and curiosities. We also make our choice of the project for the day.

We have space to prepare what we need for our project today, sometimes our project lasts weeks... it depends on how much it interests us. We plan, organize, gather materials, make predictions, and when we are ready, we go outside.

Now it's our turn to put into practice or carry out what we have decided, also noting what we believe is appropriate or what suddenly occurs to us. Sometimes it turns out as we expected, and other times nothing goes as we thought... when we finish for today, we go back inside.

Our spaces for free play, enjoyment, conversation, calm, or reading, we agree on them each day, and they tend to be different depending on the project we have.

Here we take notes, make reformulations, ask questions, see what we need, what has failed, analyze variables, and agree on how to continue or how to close and record our results.

We have our free space for art, or choose a workshop…

During the week we have responsibilities or tasks in school which we do at the end of the morning, it can be taking care of the animals, working in the garden, helping with maintenance tasks...

Fridays are a special day; we choose what things we want to learn outside of school, and that day we go to share with other people in their trades, a space for learning-work.

Where we are located?

We are located in the Valdearas area, 1 kilometer from Viana and 9 km from Logroño.

Forest School Schedule:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 14:00 PM and working to extend it to 17:00 (with meal).

Rates for the 2024/2025 School Year:

  • Full-time (25 hours/week): €350 per child. (part/time)
  • Reduced rate (15 hours/week): €250 per child.
  • Super reduced rate (10 hours/week): €150 per child.
  • Single days: €20 per day.

Winter, Spring, or Summer Toy Library Schedule:
From 9:00 AM 14:00 and working to extend it to 17:00 PM (with meal).

Contact with us

Carretera de Aras nº 6, 31230, Navarra Educational Contact: 697 24 57 75 (Naroa) / Collaboration Opportunities: 635 57 53 61 (Vicens) info@hegaztiescuelabosque.org

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